Retired. NOT Rescued.

Retired. NOT Rescued.

A retired racing greyhound is not a rescue and to call one a rescue is an insult to the industry and everyone that has loved that hound from breeding, to birth, to track school, to racing kennel, to retirement and finally to adoption. Never in a greyhounds life have they been mistreated or uncared for in anyway that would make them in need of rescuing.


Greyhounds are athletes that have been purposefully bred to run. Unlike most other breeds, greyhounds grow up with their mom and litter for a longer period of time (up to 12 months). They then head to track school, usually with their litter, where they train until they are 18 months. Greyhounds start their racing careers at 18 months of age and can race until they are 5 years old, or even longer. There is no mandatory retirement age.


There are lot of mistruths spread about the life of a racing greyhound. Don’t believe everything you read on the internet or hear secondhand, don’t be a lemming! Do your research, including going to see how they live for yourself. Just like human athletes, greyhounds need good nutrition, training, physical therapies, turnout, play, and a clean, safe place to sleep.


It’s this life and love that has turned them into such great pets. Respect their past! Never call a retired racing greyhound a rescue. We are  #retirednotrescued  #adoptednotrescued #racingstrong #racingproud.





Gillian Lee